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Why does a Buyer or a Tenant need a Broker?

Thinking about buying or leasing an office property?  Businesses that don't use a Broker often think that it will cost them money to use one, that they understand the market, and that they can find the right property and negotiate a lease or a sale as well as a Broker can.  It's not uncommon to hear someone say that they "dabble in real estate". 


Sellers and Landlords are counting

on you thinking that way!  

You might successfully navigate the process, but you are more likely to miss some off-market properties, the addition of hidden fees and charges, and opportunities to ​maximize your profits.

So, why is it that Sellers and Landlords hope that you don't use a commercial real estate Broker?  Why should you use a Broker?

5 Good Reasons to use a Broker:
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